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This site aims at helping standardizing genealogist practices so as to facilitate data exchange.

It has been written by French speaking amateur genealogists.

This English page explains this site objects and contents.

For consulting other site pages, you can try using an automatic translator software, but at the risk of quickly becoming incomprehensible. Anyway, this can give you an idea.

Otherwise, feel free to write (in English) to Renaud Anzieu.

At first, we were a mail-list gathering about 200 experimented genealogists.
We are talking about topics aiming to provide good genealogy practice recommendations and advice.

Each and every genealogist can participate and suggest topics and modifications.
Actually, they are mainly genealogists being motivated by such topics and whishing to share their knowledge. We do not dictate anything. We are independent from any genealogical organisation. Our good reputation is only based upon our information quality and exactness.


Generally, we aim at two objects:

  1. Make any "beginner" profit from more "advanced" genealogist experience. Avoid common errors to beginners.
  2. Facilitate file exchanges thanks to common "rules". Importing a file always results in a time consuming process.


Site contents

1) "Capture" (Saisir) and "Pro capture" (Saisir pro) (advanced level) sections are recommendations for capturing data into a genealogy software.
Those advices are software independent.
How to capture a place name? A source? A first name? A name? A witness? A media file name?
What are the different numbering systems?
Such syntheses are being directly usable by a beginner in genealogy.

The object is to provide simple solutions relating how to capture genealogical data so as to facilitate exchanges as well as file comparing (via Gedcom standard).

In those pages, we will try answering the following questions:


2) The "Basic Tools" (Fiches) and "Advanced" (Avancé) sections are tools for the genealogist.


3) The "Publishing" (Publier) section is the final goal of a genealogical work. We will explain and give advice about family trees, arrays or lists, how to burn a CD-ROM, how to carry out a genealogical site.


Finally, other pages will give a detailed description of this site, our methods, our working procedures, as well as the mail-list operation.


This page has been written by Renaud Anzieu and translated into English by Jacques Assael

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